Monday, February 24, 2014

Back to School!

That's right. Libby was cleared to go back to school!!! This mama is especially thankful!!! :) So off she went this morning. Happy as ever. (Not so happy when she got home-I knew it would be tough) Her entire little class planned on sporting their "We Love Libby" shirts. Yep, that's what won the vote for their class t-shirt design this year. I told her teacher I hoped that sentiment would be the same at the end of the school day. This little one is still extra feisty. Her teachers and classmates are amazing. We love THEM! They're such gifts to us. We're praying extra hard for them. And for Libby's transition back to school. If you don't mind joining us....

Hope y'all are wonderful!!!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How Are We Doing?

Well, how should I put this? I'll tell you what I told the doctor this morning. Libby is FULL of energy. So full of energy, in fact, she spent her time in the waiting room climbing all over the chairs. Like a wild animal. I was trying to fill out a form. It had five questions. And I almost told the receptionist I just couldn't do it. Not now. But I figured that would be ridiculous. Since it was five questions. So I filled it out. While Libby rummaged through my diaper bag. And threw anything she could find on the floor. I moved my diaper bag. And she proceeded to take her shoes and socks off. Threw them across the room. And laughed. That lady that you see in public. You know, the one that has the unruly child. And you're just so thankful you're not her. Yeah, that's me. 

Did I mention Hib is out of town this week? We may need to amp of the prayers a bit.

 Libby is fantastic. It's apparent. The doctor told me so. It's amazing. And we are incredibly thankful!!! Her behavior leaves a little to be desired. Not to nitpick. We know how blessed we are. Truly, we do. But God wants us to come to Him with every detail of our lives. Of Libby's life. We continually surrender our girls to Him. It's an hourly thing. So, here ya go, God. What do we do, now? Help us with this, too. How do we parent these girls? Would you please continue to pray for us?  Specifically for Libby's ongoing recovery. And the many components of this-her strength, communication, and behavior. For us. And, of course, for our Annie. She sees LOTS of disciplining taking place, these days. Sometimes I feel she's caught in the crossfire. She's doing her best to figure it all out. We talk about it. I watch her trying to take it all in. Her poor little stuffed babies sure do spend a lot of time in time-out. :)

And one more thing.  I'm way out of my comfort zone. But I have to mention this. Libby's surgeon has asked for our support.  We're pretty fond of him. Seeing as how he used his God-given ability to help save our little girl's life and all. Plus, he's just an awesome person. We're thrilled we can even begin to help him in some tiny way. He's been asked to participate in a fundraiser for St. Baldrick's, a children's cancer research foundation. On March 14th, he's going to shave his head in solidarity with the brave children he treats who don't have this choice. His goal is to raise 40,000 dollars. He's vetted this organization. And tells us the money donated is well spend on actual laboratory research. Here is the link to his page. See what you think. We would be more than honored if you would like to donate in Libby's name.

Y'all, your love continues to overwhelm us. I stay in awe. You live this with us. You enter in. You pray with us. Ask questions with us. Cry with us. You celebrate with us. There is not a day that goes by that I am not downright harassed by someone begging to help us in some way. Your calls, texts, emails, and notes. Your dinners. Your company. Your gifts. We love because He first loved us. 

I'm reading a book about suffering (not to sound too dramatic :) ). And the author talks about welcoming suffering. He talks about how suffering offers us the opportunity to encounter God with passion. A passion that frees you to get close to people in authentic community. And to experience genuine transformation in your personal life. Especially in the way you love others. We're experiencing this first hand. It's awesome. Thank you for helping Him teach us how to love. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Libby is Home!

Praise God!!!! Does she look like she was ready to go? Can you imagine how ready Hib was? 
We're all sleeping under one roof, tonight! It feels amazing!  
And we are so unbelievably thankful. And, of course, a little on edge. I have a feeling getting back in our routine is going to be an adjustment for all of us. 
Would you please continue to pray? We love you all so much! 

I'll post more, soon! 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Another Libby Update!

Y'all, Libby is awesome! Thank you so much for your outpouring of love and prayers! It's hard for us to believe this was even the same surgery she had last week. Nevermind, the second surgery she's had in less than a week! She's recovered much more easily. And more quickly. It's remarkable. She was up today. Eating and drinking. Talking and smiling. She has some swelling. But nothing like with the first sugery. We've been giving her Tylenol for pain. And that's it. The doctor already moved us to a regular room. We are so thankful!!! (I love how God constantly reminds me. I still have no freaking clue what He can do. I thought for SURE this second surgery would be worse. Keep showing me up, God. My mindset is so small. And You are SO mighty. ) 

We ask for your continued prayers for Libby's recovery. Y'all are so faithful.  And for our hospital stay. It's predicted Atlanta will be crippled as some winter weather moves in. I'm with Annie, tonight. And Hib is with Libby. We tend to take hospital shifts. Similar to the nurses. But he'll most likely be stuck at the hospital. And he's up for the challenge. Super husband/father he is. Obviously, I would ideally like to be able to give him relief. And, of course, it pains me not to be with Libby. But there is no place I'd rather her be. No one I'd rather her be with.  And prayers we'll all be reunited, soon! 

We love you all! 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Libby Update!!!

Surgery two went beautifully! Praise God!!!! She's in recovery, and doing well. We'll be moving back to the PICU shortly. We feel absolutely covered in your prayers. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please, if you'll keep them coming for a quick, easy recovery. :) I'll keep you posted...

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Here We Go Again.....

I think we're ready! Thank you, faithful prayer warriors! We love you! 
(Update: just took sweet girl back about noon! )

Saturday, February 8, 2014

What's Annie Up To?

      Daddy is keeping her entertained.

       I just hope he washed her hands! 

Better Every Day

Libby is fantastic! Praise God! They even moved us to a regular room for the weekend. :) Her swelling has come down substantially. And they even unhooked her from her IV. We can roam around the hospital! She's a little extra fiesty. Lots of "no" to nurses. Me. Even sweet friends who come to visit. But we'll take it! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Surgery will be Monday!

I've hardly had a chance to get to my phone. Libby is very alert and active. Demanding lots of attention. :) She seems well! We're recouping over the weekend. As of now, surgery is scheduled for Monday! 

I'll update later...

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Possible Change in Plans

So. God is amazing. I know this. But some days He really takes my breath away. Today was hard. Really hard. I knew it would be. And I found myself praying like crazy. Constantly. Just laying my hands on Libby and praying. The doctors said she should be pretty alert. Moving around. And she just wasn't. Brain surgery considered, she just didn't seem to be doing that well. She basically just slept, if she was awake she was fussy. With a couple of big breakdowns. I couldn't get her to eat. Or even drink. I talked with the nurse, and we kept an extra close eye on her.  I'll say it again. I cannot describe the swelling she has. The nurse said it was normal, too. But, oh my gosh.

The surgeon came back by this afternoon. I could tell he wasn't pleased. She should be more alert. She has a LOT of swelling. And with his concern I could see our sweet nurse panic. And I felt that same panic rising up in me. He ordered an emergency CT scan. The nurses were scrambling. I was praying. Then I hear this... I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.  I text Hib. Pray! And a sweet friend came in at this exact moment, and I just looked at her. She saw the doctors. Me. Libby. I told her a tiny bit of what was going on. She dropped our gift and wanted to get out of the way. She prayed. Then my sister showed up. We were on the way out the door to get the CT. She prayed. We got the CT scan. It could have been disastrous with the state Libby was in. But we got it. We made it back to the room. The nurse would barely speak to me. I could tell she was near tears.

Y'all, it was probably one of the most immediate answers to prayer I have ever seen. Libby's demeanor changed almost instantly. She started responding to us. She starting talking. Clowning around. Making funny faces. She smiled!!!! She sat up. And she started drinking and eating. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Father!!! So full of grace!  It was incredible. Oh, and the CT scan came back clear. Hallelujah!!!!!!

So. In all of this the doctor mentioned holding off on her second surgery. Did I mentioned I couldn't imagine her doing this again? Tomorrow. I prayed that prayer all day, too. Is she supposed to do this again tomorrow, God, really? And late this afternoon the doctor mentions he might wait. He wanted to see the CT scan. But he's also concerned about the swelling. Doing the same thing to the other side. He said he hasn't made the final call. I don't think he'll make it until he sees her in the morning. But it sounds like there is a good chance she won't have her second surgery until Monday. God's on it. 

Absolutely wanted to let you know. Absolutely will keep you posted. As soon as I know anything else! Please, please, please keep those awesome prayers coming. 

Love you all!

Libby Update

They tell us Libby is doing really well. It doesn't look like she's doing really well. I'm trying to revisit the verse that came to me entering into all this. We walk by faith, not by sight. A precious friend even text to remind me last night. Prayers you fix your eyes on Him, not on what you see. A sovereign coincidence, I'm sure. And that's what I'm clinging to right now. He knew it would look brutal from our end.

Libby slept for the better part of the day. She seems to be resting comfortably. She just looks miserable. And when she does wake, she seems to feel miserable. You wouldn't believe the swelling. I was not prepared for this swelling. I think I'd maybe feel a little better if we didn't have to do the whole thing over again. Tomorrow. Then, she'll have swelling on the other side of her face, too. I'm not sure she'll even be able to see. Unless some of this right side swelling goes down, and maybe she'll be able to open that eye. It hurts so much to watch her hurt. 

All things considered, we are doing well! Please keep those prayers coming. Specifically for pain management, for her swelling to start to subside, and recovery in general. And, of course, for her little body to endure this all again bright and early. Surgery is scheduled for 8:30. Y'all are such awesome prayer warriors!!!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Surgery One is Done!

The surgeon said Libby's surgery could not have gone more smoothly today. Praise God!!!!!! We are so thankful! She does seem to be in a good bit of pain. And with the pain medication she's slept most of the day. She's very swollen. Apparently this is normal. And she's hooked to all kinds of wires and machines. Believe it or not, we've never been in the PICU before. It's definitely another level of hospital stay. The situation feels pretty precarious. Thankfully we're in good hands. The fantastic doctors and nurses. And more importantly, our amazing Father's! 

Thank you for your incessant prayers! We are so blessed! 

I'll keep you posted! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Surgery Days

For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

They're here. We're ready. We have peace. Most of the time. :) Libby's surgery is scheduled for 8:30 tomorrow morning. We're supposed to be there at 6:00. We head into tomorrow praying the prayer I told you I'm attempting to pray more boldly this year. I still tend to pray it with much trepidation. But my prayer truly is to embrace all He is doing. No matter outcomes. I want to praise Him. Trust Him.

As a dear friend prayed for us yesterday, Father, I pray that You make happen what You want to happen. You know well our desire...
It's true. I don't completely understand how prayer works. Clearly, some of my previous notions have been challenged over the last few years. My flesh wants what I want. But I know God knows what we want. That's for sure. So we pray all sorts of things. We ask you to pray for these things. We're so thankful you do. For our surgeons. Doctors. Nurses. For healing. For wisdom. Guidance. Patience. Peace. We pray for Libby. We pray for Annie. For us. Our marriage. He desires for us to pray these things. He LOVES for us to pray these things. And then rest. Because His plan is bigger. His plan is better. Much more than our limited minds could ever dream up. His plan is perfect.  His plan will prevail. And we want it to.

I'll let you in on another little prayer I've been praying nonstop...Father, help me. :)

We love you all so much!

Snow Days

We weren't much for the snow.
 At least, not for being outside in it in the freezing cold.
Doesn't Annie look thrilled? 
 Yeah, we're more of a bouncy house in the living room kind of family.
Yep, we had a bouncy house in our living room.
 We have some pretty awesome family who passed this bad boy down.