Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Toddler Talk


Me: (After reading Libby's report from school. )Libby, you didn't listen today. Did you try to scratch your teachers?
Libby: Yeah.
Me: Libby, no scratch. No.
Libby: Okay. Watch show? Gabba? (points to TV)
Me: Libby, you're not listening. No scratch. If you touch, you touch nice.
Libby: Okay, mom. Touch nice (strokes my arm, gently). Gabba?
Me: NO. You have to listen. You have to do nice touches. No scratching. NO Gabba.
Libby: (long pause)....Elmo?

Annie: (sneezes loudly in car) Hey Libby, can you say bless you?
Libby: Bless you, Annie.
Annie: Oh, thank you for saying bless you after I sneeze, Libby.

Annie: (at Libby's doctor appointment) Libby, don't worry. Doctors are so nice. I'm gonna be right here.  Here, hold my hand, sweetie.
Libby: (holds Annie's hand and stares at her)
(Then, Annie grabs her baby owl and places him on the examination table.)
Annie: See, Libby. Owl is gonna see the doctor. It's fine.
(We hear footsteps outside the door indicating the doctor is about to come in. Annie hurriedly jerks owl back off the exam table and holds him close.)
Annie: Oh, actually I don't think owl wants to see the doctor today.

I told the girls a little story about Elmo over dinner. Actually, I just retold the gist of an Elmo video we watch all the time....

Me: I think Elmo would be VERY excited if we started going on the potty every single time we have to go. In fact, he told me he wanted me to give you a sticker every time you go on the potty. 
(Long pause, and two wide eyed little girls)
Libby: A sticker? Me!!!!!!
Me: Yes, every time you go on the potty Elmo wants me to give you a sticker! 
Annie: (climbing down out of her chair) I think I need to go to the potty. 

As we finished putting Libby's Halloween costume on...
Annie: Oh, Libby. You look adorable!
Libby: (beaming) Thank you, Annie.

In the car after lunch with Annie, and on our way to pick up Libby...

Annie: Maybe I can give Libby some of my chocolate milk? 
Me: Oh, that would be nice, sweetie.
(after the 10 minute drive to school, and Libby gets in the car)
Annie: Libby, would you like some of my chocolate milk? Uh oh, I think I drank it all. I'm so sorry.