Thursday, May 30, 2013

Treatment Update

Libby has her monthly clinic visit tomorrow. This month, it doesn't consist of much-just blood counts and her IVIG treatment. However, we have had one minor hiccup. Did I tell y'all this already? Her port has shifted from its correct position. And they have to try to shift it back. Apparently, it's not that big of a deal. But she does have to be sedated for the procedure. They called me today and told me they wanted to do this tomorrow.  So, we'll be at the hospital early tomorrow for sedation, and then hopefully will still have enough time to get through her clinic treatment.

Okay, two hiccups. We also had to take Libby to the ER last night for croup. Thankfully, she and Hib were in and out after a quick steroid treatment. We're praying the croup stays away tonight, and that it doesn't deter all the doctors are hoping to get accomplished tomorrow. We'll see. 

Please continue to pray for us.  So many of you labor in prayer for us. Thank you!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Birthday, Libby!

Three years ago God broke our hearts wide open. 

 He gave us a gift.

 One we had prayed for. 

 He answered our prayers. 

 And, true to form, He exceeded our expectations. 

She changed our world. And we thank God for her every single day. He blessed us. Big time. 

 Happy Birthday, precious angel!!!

 Libby, you're three years old and Daddy and I still sneak in your room at night to watch you sleep and kiss on you like you're a newborn. You're just simply TOO lovable.  

 Your have the most amazing heart!

We ADORE you, Libby!!! 
(p.s. please stop getting older)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

I have to laugh when I think about the three years I've been a mom. And all they've entailed. Motherhood has been filled with unexpected contradictions for me.  So many mundane moments interwoven with so many extraordinary ones.  It's exhausting at times. And other times it's almost effortless. But I'm most surprised at how God has used motherhood as an avenue to meet me so personally. To grow me. Change me.

He's shown me so much about His love. There is such inexplicable love we have for our children. Yet somehow, this heart bursting love we have for our little ones doesn't even compare to the love He has for us. His children. My girls, even as toddlers (or especially as toddlers:) ), are imperfect. Just like me. But they're perfect. They're precious. They're so worthy of love. Because they're exactly who they were created to be. Same goes for us. And nothing we do or don't do will change that. Ever.

I'm thankful for all God is teaching me as a mom.  I'm thankful I'm learning I will never be enough. I'm not supposed to be. But He is. Being a mother has given my COUNTLESS opportunities to rely on my Father. Like I'm supposed to. And these opportunities help me know Him better. He reveals more of Himself every time. And I'm able to bask in His amazing grace.

It's almost Mother's Day. And I'm thankful He has blessed me with the opportunity to me a mother. I relish the two perfect gifts He has given me. My heart swells on a daily basis. It's a crazy love. But more than that, I'm SO thankful I'm His daughter. 

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

We're Home!!!

Praise the Lord! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your prayers. Libby weathered her stay in the hospital like the trooper she is.  And her paranoid Mama calmed down. Her blood work indicated there was definitely something going on in her little body. They just weren't sure what. The scary stuff was ruled out, and they kept her a couple of nights just to be safe. We're praying it was a nasty virus that worked its way out of her system. Whatever it was, it certainly seems to be gone, because she is fantastic! We're so blessed to have all the prayer warriors we do, including our nurses, doctors, friends, complete strangers, and incredible family. I can't tell you how LOVED and prayed for we feel in these moments. God certainly provides for us. He has given us all of you! We love you!