Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hilton Head

It's been way too long! The maintenance phase of Libby's treatment has proven to be exactly what the doctors told us it would be. Downright easy. Comparatively speaking. Thank you, God! She has a minor surgery this Friday to replace her port. She'll also receive her IT and IV chemo. She receives this particular chemo only once every three months, now.  That's nothing for us. :)

I was speaking with a dear friend last night about the drastically different place we found ourselves in this time a year ago. We talked about anticipations. Looking ahead to the future. Expectations. And how God calls us to be in this moment. The one happening right now. Fully dependent on Him. Living in His presence. That's the way He designed us. When we look ahead we can't (or don't) see Him with us. Providing for us. Taking care of us. We only see the obstacles. And the fear and anxieties mount. Looking back, I swear it's crystal clear. He is all over it. Everything. Every. Single. Tiny. Step. I pray I can take what He's teaching me. This trust He's instilling in me. And transfer it. Easier said than done. I am so thankful for all He is doing. All of it. I don't always show it. :) But I am. 

With that said, let me share with you a little bit! A year ago, we were in the hospital just getting Libby's leukemia diagnosis. A summer in the hospital with one little one. And another little one at home. This year, we're making up for lost time. Summer vacations and all.

Johnson Family Vacation
Hilton Head

Libby LOVED the ocean. Everything about it.  One of my favorite parts of our entire trip was when we put her down the first day, she crawled immediately to the ocean, leaned over and took a huge gulp of the salty water. Hib and I cringed. She swallowed, gave us a huge smile and said, Mmmmmm. Like it was the best thing she had ever tasted.

Annie was a little more hesitant. She spent her first day clinging to us like a little spider monkey. And preferred time on her beach blanket. Or in Gigi's arms. Just taking it all in. 

But by day two, with A LOT of Daddy's persuading, she came around. 

The weather was perfect. The girls played hard. Slept hard. And went back for more. 

We got to see family we don't get to see nearly enough. And the girls loved being with everyone. So did Hib and I. Aunt Tara was a HUGE hit. 

We weren't without some classic vacation moments. Like when Hib couldn't get the girls' little tent to fold back up. After 10 minutes of trying and sweating profusely, he gave up and tried to carry it back unfolded to the best of his ability. About 50 yards from the beach he gave up and promptly threw it in some bushes. ( I went back to get it later)

 In general, the trips to the beach with two toddlers were always eventful. Like two little tigers pent up in a cage. Bites and all. We were a traveling circus act.

These girls are growing up. Right before our eyes. How can we not try to live right smack in the middle of these precious moments?

Hib made the comment on the car ride home that the trip was really fun. Better than he expected. I wholeheartedly agreed with him. Then, I looked back and saw Libby eating a piece of bacon. Bacon I had given her on the trip TO Hilton Head. Four days prior.  I told him she was eating a four-day-old piece of bacon. And he told me it was okay. That's the thing about expectations.  There's freedom in letting them go. And you'll have much more fun along the way.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer! Love y'all!!!