Friday, November 15, 2013

We're home!

We've been home. Since Saturday. I've wanted to write and tell you we made it back. And we had the MOST wonderful time. But, as you all know, re-entry is consuming. And nearly a week in, we're getting back into our routine. Of course, I have to thank you for your prayers for our trip. Everything went beautifully. Here and there. We've been basking in the glorious memories. It was nothing short of everything we could've hoped for. It was the kind of luxury you feel a little guilty about. It was that good. We relished the time of refreshment and reconnection. I'm still amazed at how God provided us the opportunity.
And as the sun set on our last night, in my true fashion, I found myself wondering if we would ever be lucky enough to have time like this again. And almost instantly I remembered, our Father delights in blessing us. Big time. He is so good.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Expect the Unexpected Part 2

We saw the doctor this week. He said Libby looks awesome! Her numbers are great.  Her sinusitus is clearing up. Her neck already looks better. Her lips are all stiched and clear. She's feeling well. It's amazing. Really. The pathology reports show there is nothing scary going on as far as bacteria or anything like that. At this point, everyone is assuming the medicine is responsible for a lot of this. And some of the other little ailments are just your run-of-the mill bumps in the road. We are beyond relieved, and so thankful!

About seven months ago, Hib planned a trip for us. He planned it for next week. Our sister and brother-in-law mastermind the entire thing. And it's such a fabulous (and reasonable) trip, we take every opportunity to tag along. We're very lucky. It's once a year. We go to celebrate our wedding anniversaries. And this year, it's both of our tenth anniversaries. Our anniversary was in June. But we thought, Hey, all the better to wait until November when Libby's in maintenance, and things really calm down for us. Turns out, things haven't been calm at all.  And if you had asked me two weeks ago if we would be going on this trip, I would have told you a definitive- no way.

I have been in constant prayer over this trip. Should we go? Did you plan this trip for us, God? Now? Are we really okay to leave the girls? And truthfully, I've searched for reasons to stay. I'm still searching. But, other than my incessant need to attempt to control the details of my life, I can't come up with one. In the nick of time. His perfect time. God has calmed our storm.

Miraculously, we're going on this trip! I can't believe it. I feel thankful. I feel blessed. I still feel a little apprehensive. But I'm thrilled. Would you pray for us? And pray for our girls. And especially  pray for our amazing loved ones who are willing to care of our little ones while we're gone.  They're so excited for us, and were willing to take on this feat with a moment's notice.   Aunt Tara, Mom and Dad, and all of our family and friends offering to step in and help-thank you!!!! You cannot know how much this means to us. We adore you.

This week's turn of events has been easy to embrace. Is He continuing to break me of my love of control, or what!?

Love you all!

Happy Halloween!