Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Recap

 I came across a quote at the beginning of the summer, Stress is the unruly child of the illusion of control. True, right? 

 A control freak at heart. I know the stress I encounter is, for the most part, all me. I'm not the best at letting go. 

But this summer, I was intentional about it. I let go of potty training, moving the girls to big beds, the constant search for teachable moments, and the teaching in those moments.

 Mind you, some of this was easy to let go. Quite frankly, I wasn't working too hard at any of it, anyway. :) But the point is-I made an effort to let go. 

I've been reflecting a bit. And it was SO worth it. The way I see it, I traded my "to-do" lists for relationships. 

We just spent time together. We played. Relaxed. Faced Fears. And it's awesome to look back at how much we learned. How much we grew. The trust that was built. The love that continues to grow. Despite our failings and flailing. Seriously, we made leaps and bounds in some areas.
(Annie wouldn't venture off the pool stairs at the beginning of the summer)

After decades of claiming to know Him. Only after having these little people did I truly begin to know Him. It's like there is endless opportunity for Him to show me Himself. Glimpses of the truth. 

This glimpse was helpful. It's nothing I have to do. It's time spent with Him. Learning to trust. Receiving His love. Letting go. And somehow everything else is still okay. He is so good.

We love you all!!!!