Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Toddler Talk

Annie: Mom, are you eating those skittles? 
Me: Yes I am. 
Annie: Mom, those are for little girls, not big mommies. 

Libby: Mom, I want apple, please. 
(I hand her a whole apple, and she looks at it and then back at me.)
Libby: Open. 

Me: Annie, why would you do that?
Annie: Because I did. 
Me: Okay, that's fair. Let's move on. Why are you crying? 
Annie: (crying) Because I am. 

Libby: (with a look of sheer delight and amazement as she stumbles upon something in her salad.) Mom, Mom, MOMMY!!! 
Me: What, what is it?!
Libby: It's BACON!!!! (Eating and hunting for more.)

Annie: (riding in the car) Hey mom, can you sing, abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz, now I know my abc's next time won't you sing with me? 
Me: I think that's pretty much the whole song, isn't it? 
Annie: Yep. Can you sing it with me?

Libby: Stop it, Annie! No sir! 
Annie: It's no ma'am, Libby, cause I'm a girl. 
Libby: Oh. Stop it, Annie! No ma'am!

Annie: (watching Hib spray his deodorant) Wow, Dad. Why did you spray your fur? 

Libby: (watching Hib spray his deodorant and finally clapping) Yaaayyyy!! Good job, Daddy! 

Annie: Um, Mom. I have princess panties on so I REALLY need to go potty. 

Me: Libby, what do you want for breakfast?
Libby: Uhhhhh, how bout....Ice cream! 

Annie: (Rubbing the "sleep" out of her eyes.) Oh gosh, I've got lots of sprinkles in my eyes this morning!
Me: What did you call them? I've always wondered what those were...
Annie: Sprinkles! 

Me: Libby, let's go upstairs. It's time to go to bed.
Libby: Uh, no thank you, Mommy. (And she walks back to the playroom.)

Mom, Princesses Don't Sleep

This is what she tells me. 

But apparently, they do. 

Enter Summer

The same ole summer days...

Never get old!!!

Happy 5th Birthday, Libby!!!!


Dearest Libby, 
I think I say this every year. But every year it's true. 

This was a big one for you, little girl! You finished your second year of school.  
You finished your chemotherapy treatments.


You learned how to walk!!!!!!!!!! And run! :) 


Your zest for life is infectious. 
You've never met a stranger.

And you capture hearts everywhere you go.  

From school to the grocery store to our local Mexican restaurant.

It's an amazing thing to witness.
Yours is a story of God's triumph. His sovereignty. And miracle-working. 

That's pretty awesome, Libby. We're so blessed to be a part of it.
 We LOVE you!!!!!!!

This Is How Daddy Plays