Friday, January 30, 2015

What a Difference a Year Makes

It's a gross understatement to say Libby (having just started walking about 5 months ago) loves to walk. And who can blame her? Much like the toddler who recently mastered her new skill, she wants to go. Everywhere. She wants to explore. Everything. We chase her around grocery stores, Costco, Target. Wrangling her into the cart when she doesn't listen. And she pouts, I want walk. I want walk. 

She tears through people's houses like they're her own.

 We went to the doctor's office last week. By the time I turned around from signing us in (I heard everyone giggling as she walked around and greeted the entire waiting room) she was handing me a lady's cell phone she had snatched from her purse.  

We spent an afternoon at the park. The nearby baseball fields empty seeing as it's the off season. I showed Hib the videos, proud of myself for discovering such a safe, wide open area for Libby to have at it. And delighted for myself that I could just sit and watch. 

Hib smiled. Man, it's awesome to see her like this. Isn't it? Do you remember what we were doing this time last year? Yeah. I remember. All to well. Strokes. Looming brain surgery. Feelings of fear. Uncertainty. Tempered with His peace. His grace. His mercy. 

And afterwards. Feelings of unworthiness. That was the overwhelming feeling I remember feeling. Thankfulness and praise. Yes. Obviously. But mostly, I felt unworthy. Who is worthy of this kind of grace and mercy? 
We are. Because we're His.

How GREAT is our God!?!?!?!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy Birthday, Annie!!!

Dearest Annie, 
Happy Third Birthday! 

I'm well aware we're biased. But your daddy and I think you're remarkable. 

We pray for you. All the time. And it's incredible to watch Him answer those prayers before our very eyes. He is molding your heart. He is infusing it with His love. And you love, Annie. 

You take better care of your stuffed animals than we do of our real one. 

You take care of us.  

You listen. You're helpful. You're polite. You do for others.

You're ridiculously funny. You love to console. You relish cheering someone up.  

You're only three, and yet somehow, you're sympathetic. You're kind. A tad impatient (just like your mama) you're learning grace. 
You're timid. But adventurous at heart. You're willing to face your fears. 

Annie, you amaze us everyday.

You are SO loved. We pray you always know how loved you are. We pray you always continue to love the way you do.

 Happy Birthday, beautiful girl!