Thursday, August 1, 2013

Carillon Beach

Our second beach trip of the summer-how lucky are we!?!? This trip had double the kids. And you know what that means...double the fun!!! :)  I'll spare you some of the chaos. Like our scary trip to Ripley's Believe It Or Not on a rainy morning...with Walker asking us all, What are we doing here, guys??? I'm a little scared. And Annie pointing at three headed goats, saying, Oooohhhh.
And our night out with the kids at Red Bar (it's a restaurant not just a bar, although by the end of that dinner I could have bellied up to the latter for a few hours).

I brought my camera, but I could never manage to carry it with all the other stuff we had to transport to and from the beach and pool. So, there was really no point in my bringing it. I literally took zero beach pics. But I did manage to snap the occasional picture with my phone. Here are a few, with some trip highlights...

 Little girls laughing hysterically at the end of a six hour trip, hours past bed time. 

Dancing on the back porch. 

Learning how to swim.

Spending time with our best friends.

Soaking in the sun. 

Staying at the pool past dinner time.

Discovering everything new.

Eating with no regard.
(I used cute Libby for this pic, not any of the adults I'm really referring to)

We witnessed the most amazing rainbows on the way to and from the beach. Of course, I wasn't able to capture them with my camera buried beneath the unbelievable amount of luggage we had. But I can picture them. I felt like God was winking at us. Enjoy your trip, let me bless you. And we did. And He did. We've had an amazing summer.  Thank you, God!!!